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An annual visit from the crazy uncle can be a treat if the uncle is amusing, and has a number of saving graces—as does “The Paris Express.”Most of the storyline is feasible enough to want to overlook the parts that raise unanswered questions in the minds of those that can’t help thinking critically.As to the acting, this is universally superb, as the cast is from top to bottom constituted of heavy hitters.As “The Paris Express” or as "The Man Who Watched Trains Go By" (original title), this offering in the genre of “realistic fiction” is lightly peppered with a few shakes of unreality.Okay, it is flawed; then, so are some of the most lovable among us.On September 6, 1949 the jury’s foreman, Harry Lawson, told reporters that a meeting of the jury’s administrative committee was scheduled for September 8.First on the -committee’s agenda — the unsolved homicides.) Anyway, somewhat reluctantly, I give it three stars instead of four. She is still a suspect for her contacts with the underground. Race and Moray meet and drive a Packard convertible. Race will be sent to Budapest to replace a reporter who is in a hospital. Moray warns Race about being careful; he won't know who to trust in Budapest. Race broadcasts in "double talk" to fool the censors. "Ten forints." An accident is arranged, his suit disappears from his taxi cab.

The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong.

Two years passed with police no closer to a solution for the murder of Elizabeth Short.

The 1949 Los Angeles Grand Jury intended to hold LAPD’s feet to the fire for failing to solve the Dahlia case and several other unsolved homicides and disappearances of women.

Cops were unaccustomed to stranger murders; and I believe several of the women whose cases they had been investigating were killed or taken by either a complete stranger or a recent acquaintance Then, as now, when a woman is murdered her killer is usually her husband, boyfriend or another man in her life.

It is my contention that it wasn’t corruption within law enforcement agencies that prevented them from solving crimes “of this type”.