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She has a good acting so all her drama or movie become popular in Asia, not only actress she also sing an ost in her drama.

and the well-received SBS drama special Father's House where he acted alongside veteran actor Choi Min-soo.K-Population is an online store that sells all things Asian, from K-pop merchandise to Korean fashion to cute asian gadgets. Check us out on Tumblr ( or contact AFF user Aishmin Eunji, Cyeol , Tiffany, Taeyeon, Lay, Kris, Ailee, Eun Hae, Naeun, Minho, Siwon, PBGum, Seungri, Top, GD, SHJoon, JB, LMHo, Jkook, Chorong, KHaneul, Bomi, Namjoo, CTae Joon, V, Suho, KSHyun, Mark, JCWok, JIl Woo, KBum, Woohyun, GYoo, KSA, Baek, Chen, Jimin, Kai, IU, Tzuyu, Cap, Sunggyu, Jihoon, Sehun Kim So-hyun empieza un trabajo de Maid en la casa de la adinerada familia de Lee Pil Mo por recomendación de su padre, a quién quiere ayudar por los problemas financieros de su familia. En esa casa se encontrará con Nam Joo-hyuk, hijo del Sr. Nevermind its just an fanfiction You were both busmates and you sat next to each other but you never spoke to each other. But will these feelings change when one day something unexpected happened? Kim Soo Hyun is the most eligible actor not only south korea but also in asia. She allways help everyone with her on way, what a great actress..