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However, 22-year-old Collins kept her cool and maintained her poise as she carefully entered the vehicle behind the hasty Efron.Actress Lily is likely to find herself in the spotlight more often over the coming year, having been selected to play Snow White in the upcoming adaptation of the popular fairy tale.

"There wasn't a single moment when I fell back in love with him. She also described how she fell into depression in the wake of the birth of Mathew.The pair were spotted coming out of steakhouse STK, with Zak suffering a rare moment of stage fright when confronted by awaiting photographers.Lily was left standing on her own when the High School Musical star made a dash for the waiting SUV – a momentary lapse in chivalry that the media has been fairly quick to pounce on.2 anchor who has been off the air since February nursing a broken heart after the “Invisible Touch” singer — her longtime, live-in boyfriend — dumped the local news goddess to reconcile with his ex-wife, Orianne Cevey.“Dana’s been trying to put her life back together,” a source close to Tyler (photo with Collins) told [email protected] I look forward to seeing you when I get back.” Tyler has not been heard from in public since and for months, her co-anchor Maurice Du Bois has been opening the broadcast every evening noting that, “Dana Tyler is off tonight.” Meanwhile, Collins, 65, has been more visible lately than he has been in years.