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You chit-chatted, had fun and eventually ended up agreeing to seeeach other again (with sparkles in both of your eyes). As Kuala Lumpur’s highest skybar, it’s definitely destined to cater for your evening date.

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“Altså, hvis du nu var et dyr, hvilket skulle det så være?

” Spørgmålet kom helt naturligt, da jeg i lørdags var på date i ZOO.

Posted by admin on Feb 13, 2017 in Places to visit | It’s this time of the year again in Kuala Lumpur. But unless you bring your own makeup artists and photographers, you’ll end up sweaty under the hot sun while trying to take selfies. Here are the 5 best dating spots in KL, which will create a memorable dating experience for every couple. Marini’s on 57 Let’s start off with something truly elevating.

The weather outside is spot on, you just came back from the barber and you just got to know that gorgeous girl. Are you going to take her to KLCC Park and show her the fountains in the evening with the lightshow and music playing? Marini’s on 57 is definitely one of the spots your date will never forget when you bring her there.