Poly speed dating

Meetup and Facebook are good ports of call, too, with public polyamory groups in most capital cities.

In Melbourne you can check out our site on Meetup, Melbourne Polyamorous Meetup (Singles/Couples/Poly).

Check out Poly Fi, “an online community for polyamorous folk in regional Australia” published by Polyamory Resources Australia (Poly Oz).

I maintain this list continuously at Alan's List of Polyamory Events.

There are three ways to stay informed about our events: “You did a really great job with the last discussion.

At our Wednesday night munches, we generally have between 6 - 10 folks, but the sometimes get up to 20 or so people throughout the course of the event.

Open Love NY is a New York-based organization that serves the polyamorous community by coordinating a variety of educational and social events for its members, and by fostering a public climate in which all forms of consensual adult relationship choices are respected and honored. My attempts at “loving more” would be (so much more) disastrous without the information and moral support I get from such events.

Open Love NY welcomes all adult members – straight, gay, bisexual, asexual, transgender, and all members of the queer/kink/alternative communities. ” – Stella “I am so impressed with the OLNY events you’ve organized. So, again – thank you.” – Eden “Thanks for making us feel so welcome.