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All commands and options can be abbreviated to the extent that the specification is unique.A modified Slurm configuration can be written to a file using the scontrol write config command.If a command is entered on the execute line, scontrol will execute that command and terminate.All commands and options are case-insensitive, although node names, partition names, and reservation names are case-sensitive (node names "LX" and "lx" are distinct).According to one study, women in the arts and entertainment are more likely to keep their names; the authors hypothesized that their maiden names had already become “akin to a ‘brand’.” All the same, reporter “Nell Boyce” lacks the snazzy ring of Nell Greenfieldboyce, her married name mash-up.Of course, hearing a string of uniformly, gorgeously unusual names one after the other can have a different effect.Currently this usage has only been allowed in the hostname part, but there are some proposals to allow such use in some URL schemes.

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Blue Coat software (some types of which can potentially be used for internet censorship and surveillance) was previously detected in Myanmar by OONI in late 2012.

This is the encoding described in » RFC 3986 for protecting literal characters from being interpreted as special URL delimiters, and for protecting URLs from being mangled by transmission media with character conversions (like some email systems).

Note that RFC 1738 has been amended: The "[" and "]" are no longer considered unsafe, but instead are now considered "reserved", meaning that they CAN be used in URLs!

At first, he was just distracted—“huh, that’s a unique name,” he thought—but then it became the “elephant in the room” of his NPR experience. A turtle named Ira Glass lives in Queens, and somewhere out there roams a chihuahua named Mandalit. “Friendly Kai Ryssdal has turned into super obnoxious Kai Ryssdal,” his owner wrote on her blog, so she had him butchered and ate him.

A man was once sitting in a Missouri theater next to a woman named Korva Coleman, and he thought she was the NPR reporter. She had just changed her name to Korva Coleman because she thought it sounded cool.