Obama dating white girls

So when the mainstream media (MSM) leave holes in a given narrative -- in this case, the biography of the president -- bloggers individually, incrementally, and indefatigably strive to fill in the blanks -- sometimes successfully, sometimes less so.Where Remnick falls oddly silent -- not even to scold the blogosphere, which he does often -- is on the question of Obama's love life.Andersen quotes Obama's New York roommate, Sohale Siddiqi, on the subject of Obama's allure: "I couldn't outcompete him in picking up girls, that's for sure" -- but we do not hear from any of the girls he might have picked up or dated.when his half-sister Auma visits him in Chicago pre-Michelle, he tells her about a ruptured relationship with a white woman back in New York.

The young Obama I knew was nothing like the young black people I knew at Occidental College.

Despite the Obama mythology, these new photos show that the young Obama was dating a white girl named Megan Hughes and hanging out with other white people including his basketball teammate Greg Orme and fellow student Kellie Allman.

It was Kelli Allman (née Mc Cormack) who provided these new photos to Time. One of the most puzzling things to me about contemporary politics is the way so many people seem to think that Barack Obama is a black man.

It's pretty dull stuff, but it identifies by name two white girlfriends from his New York years, and includes diary excerpts and letters. Obama admitted to Maraniss that the lone white girlfriend in Dreams from My Father is a composite of several.

David Remnick had earlier recounted that Obama had a white girlfriend in his later Chicago years, an anthropology grad student at the U. One thing that's clear from the article if you read it with a more hard-headed approach than Maraniss brings is that marrying Michelle instead of earlier white girlfirends was crucial to Obama's ambition to be a black politician. Genevieve and Barack talked about race quite often, as part of his inner need to find a sense of belonging.