Blind dating part 1

James Rowe was born in Ireland and worked for the Irish Government before emigrating to the USA at the age of 24. Once he arrived in the states he worked for the railroads in Albany, NY for 10 years.

So for new exhibition opening at The Royal Standard this February, (it’s all) Tropical are embarking on a quest to find their dream dates. Select your match from Alfie Strong, Lindsey Mendick and Josef Zachary Shanley Jackson and submit a seductive explanation of why you are made for one another, along with no more than 5 images of your work.

There have never been more experts with more theories about what might make two perfect strangers perfect for each other.

But would finding a mate be easier if science took away the guesswork?

You know very little about the person you are meeting and they know very little about you.

Figuring out how to talk to someone you just met can be difficult, but if you behave politely, listen to your date, and ask interesting questions, you’ll be on your way to a second date!

Blind dating part 1