Chat rooms to hook up on skype

Persistent chat lets you create topic-based discussion rooms that persist over time.Persistent chat rooms are where you can communicate and collaborate with a group of people who have a common area of interest.Those who’ve tried know just how impossible it is to link these disconnected conversations—until now!Sameroom allows Slack teams and Skype teams to easily interact—without anyone needing to change chat services. I’ll walk you through the process of linking a Slack channel to a conversation on Skype. Once the Tube is live, all messages and files posted in a Slack channel will be copied to a conversation (group or contact) in Skype, and vice versa. To fine-tune how your messages appear on either end of the Tube, or to make the Tube one-directional, configure posting options.

Because of this, those working in sales or partnerships tend to gravitate toward Skype (or email).If you see the Chat Rooms icon on the Lync main window, persistent chat is set up in your organization.So, what is persistent chat and would it be helpful in your daily work life?If your company has teams on other platforms, such as Slack or Flowdock, that need to join in on the conversation, you can keep adding Tubes between the Skype group and chatrooms on other platforms—the resulting network will relay messages across all connected rooms.The hush command can be used if a team wishes to keep certain messages local their own chatroom.