Advice on dating a pro athlete

If your new crush happens to be a local sports coach, don’t shy away from a date for fear he or she will yell “Hustle! Trust us, they can turn off the locker-room voice and turn on the charm. Your date knows the rules — and can teach you more than you’ll ever want to know about the sport. Your parents might, too, if he/she coaches the right team. Coaches know their sport inside-out and are adaptable and able to change strategies on the spot. That specific attention will likely extend to your date’s non-athlete relationships, too. He/she will empathize with your desire to set and achieve goals. If you’re dating someone with one, your date is likely well respected and very good at his/her job. Your sports-loving friends and siblings will approve. They have a passion for what they do and are willing to put in the work to be the best. Coaches understand that every individual comes with a unique set of strengths and weaknesses. If your last date sabotaged your efforts at the gym, this one won’t.

Through friends I've met a man who plays baseball for an independent league (not MLB associated).

the reality is that the women who want to be with these men can be relentless.

So if a man is worshipped by the public and famous, it makes the pursuit even more exciting.

Here’s an excerpt of our interview: Source: many fans, Tiger Woods’ cheating scandal came out of nowhere, tarnishing his squeaky-clean family guy image forever. Michelle Callahan, TV host of “Wedlock or Deadlock” tells us why athletes, even super straight ones like Tiger, stray. MICHELLE: The cheating with celebrity athletes is such a part of our culture because women are lured by the fantasy of fame, money and the white picket fence taken to the extreme.

They meet a famous athlete, and those who marry them picture being with someone everyone else adores…[and being] the one he chose.