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— which is really pertinent given what I am about to say. It’s a big surprise because nobody there even told us how much it appealed to them. Usernames help people find businesses on both Facebook and Messenger, so they can connect with and message the businesses they’re interested in more easily.

Well, Zuck, it seems as if your Messenger team has been closely watching what I have been doing with chat.center. In case you think me paranoid…is a screenshot from the new web version of Messenger at Now, Zuck, a fair person might say that it’s easy for two pages to look similar, especially if their goal is similar. Because each username is unique, they also help people to identify your exact business, even if you have a relatively common name.

the color schemes may just accidentally be the same. And perhaps the message box at the bottom is just, you know, “obvious”. Mine is Firstly, I want to thank your team for their embracing of our core concept. We have integrated our offering into the DNS (the domain name system), so anybody can create a unique chat ID using their domain name.

My incubator, archimedes labs, has done this and so you can reach me at


No joke -Go to the top right of the screen, click on Account, then click on Edit Friends, go left on the screen and click on Contacts.

A writer thinks, “hey, I just wrote this really great article, I wish people would tell me what they think”. They commented their little hearts out; telling the author what they think, where he’s right, or wrong, or where he can shove this, or that. One comment sparked another, and another and suddenly — social networking emerged (there’s probably a good Masters Thesis to be done here).

When comments hit the scene, mobile as we know it today, was a fever dream. Smartphones were a thing of the future and social was happening pretty much only on the web.

To see her concerns about what you are about to read will surely evoke some emotion: WTF FACEBOOK!And although web technology evolved tremendously in the past 20 years, commenting still feels like the right solution for web.It fits because commenting is inherently asynchronous, which means data is transmitted “intermittently” rather than in a steady stream.Dating APPS AREN’T fun enough Better than Smash or Pass Imagine every time you met three people, you’d have to choose which of them you’d fuck, marry or kill. - Login with Facebook (we don’t post anything for you) - Choose your game settings: filter by age, gender and location or go on a free-for-all killing spree. FUCK The one suited for a one night stand but that only would introduce to your parents if you want to piss them off. Keep in mind that the Fuck, Marry, Kill is supposed to be fun and not to be taken seriously.