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Examining these elements individually, as well as furniture pieces in their entirety, will help you learn to correctly date them.

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Even for those who have entered the field by another way, such as glass, silver, china or prints, furniture forms a setting for these accessories that were once part of the early American home.On the chest, you will need to pull open the drawer and look at the joint where the front meets the sides. ” Is so, look closer — if the dovetail is a tight "V" shape it is an early antique. Butt joints are used in primitives and poor reproductions.In the 1890s, American furniture began to be mass-produced and it was too time- consuming to hand cut the dovetails.After most fakes are assembled, they are attacked by denting, bruising and gouging out areas of some primitive furniture to simulate being handmade.One will also find excessive wear marks added, generally being much over done and sometimes in the wrong areas as compared to the original being copied.