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Caption: Joe Scarborough's son Joey (left) and Andrew (right) from his first marriage. The divorce was apparently a quiet one as his wife filed the divorce documents without creating a mess in September of 2012.After returning to being a bachelor, Joe found his way back to love in 2001 when he got married to Susan Waren, who is a former aide to the Florida Governor and also a former Congressional committee staffer. The reason was a bit perplexed however as in the divorce documents obtained by TMZ, Susan made a few unusual clauses in which she acknowledged that Joe was faithful, devoted and committed when another sentence pointed towards her allegations that Joe was cheating on her.

Browne told Business Insider: "It’s essential that transitional arrangements are put in place to avoid sudden and damaging disruption to services at both the point of exit of the UK from the EU and the point of entry into a new partnership.

2 Also in the episode, titled “Sabotage,” Jeff Lewis and his crew attempt to organize an epic catalog shoot for Living Spaces at the same time Jeff and Gage decide to put their dream home, Gramercy, on the market.

With too much on his plate, a stressed-out Jeff does not know if he will be able to successfully pull off this shoot, keep his current clients happy and sell his home all at the same time.

Several “costume players” or cosplayers, gather outside a convention hall in the Century Marriott to trade tips on costume design and wear at the annual “Joelanta” convention March 12. By Gabriel Owens, contributor Fans of the long-running toy line and cartoon series “GI Joe” and other pop culture icons dressed up and invaded the Marriott Century Center over the weekend for the Great Atlanta Toy Convention, also known as Joelanta.

Running all weekend, this convention was originally created to celebrate the Hasbro toy property GI Joe, dating back to the 1960s with the original first 12 inch “action figure” through the 1980s’ smaller 3 3/4 inch figures and their enemy “Cobra” (along with the famous accompanying daily cartoon), through today’s incarnations and movies.