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In the accepted biblical version of the tale, Judas betrays Jesus for 30 pieces of silver.As part of a 2006 National Geographic Society (the Society) investigation of the document, microscopist Joseph Barabe of Mc Crone Associates in Illinois and a team of researchers analyzed the ink on the tattered gospel to find out if it was real or forged.The Gospel of Judas is a fragmented Coptic (Egyptian)-language text that portrays Judas in a far more sympathetic light than did the gospels that made it into the Bible.In this version of the story, Judas turns Jesus over to the authorities for execution upon Jesus' request, as part of a plan to release his spirit from his body.Le neotestamentarie lettere di Paolo esaltano il valore salvifico della sua morte e risurrezione.

Det finns dock ett antal medlemmar av det judiska folket som tror på Jesus (Yeshua) som Messias. Den västerländska tidräkningen bygger på ett medeltida försök att räkna åren från Jesu födelse.

Jesus är kristendomens centralgestalt och ses där som Guds son och den utlovade Messias (på grekiska Kristus).

För de flesta kristna är Jesus även Gud (se treenighetsläran).

Interlude: "Did orthodox church dogma suggest Earth was created about 4,000 B. Not only the first people, the first civilizations, the first languages, the first calendars, the first monuments, the first governments and religions, but after about 4,000 B. one can find nearly every Biblical event [thus all of Earth's history].

Unfortunately, this long-held popular paradigm has seriously warped a modern view of the ancient world by attributing post-4,000 B. dates to the oldest civilizations and world cultures on the planet.