Blackberry call list not updating

Now the Chinese firm is back with a new device – One Plus 3.

Packed inside the premium £329 aluminium beaut' is the latest quad-core Qualcomm 820 processor, making the device over 30 per cent faster than previous One Plus phones.

Secondly, the cost of sending a text to any network in Nigeria is N4 but the phone charges me N15 as if I'm sending the text to somebody that is outside Nigeria.

Please what do I do to correct this because it's always very frustrating?

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This allows the Black Berry smartphone to secure sensitive information (such as the contact information).If you own a Black Berry® smartphone, you most likely have spent a lot of time in your Messages app, sending and receiving emails or viewing your phone call logs.Today I’d like chat about phone call logs in particular, and share some tips and tricks so you can customize how your phone call logs appear on your smartphone.Yes, this application works wherever Android, i Phone and i Pad, and Windows Phone devices are supported.It is available for download free from the Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon App store, Hiapk, 360 mobile assistant, and Windows Store.