Do nice guys finish last dating

This seems to be the desire of the Gen-Y woman, yet, we often hear them say, “I just want a nice guy.” Sounds pretty hypocritical, eh? A nice guy waltzes into a woman's life and she immediately leads him into the friend zone, no questions asked.

However, when she stumbles upon the antithesis of that, she relentlessly finds herself at his feet, becoming what our dating society refers to as a “stage-five clinger,” or simply, “crazy.”Women are full of paradoxes.

What difference would it be if we dated and we tried to work it out also.

Me and that guy have a fair chance of things go bad.

I went from constantly being rejected to constantly having sex.

Here are some photos of me BEFORE and AFTER I learned how to be the confident guy that I am today. These guys have already learned from me and are now enjoying easy success with women.

She does not mean a shy, unassuming, nervous nice guy who feels intimidated by her and makes her feel as though she’d almost be doing him a favor by being with him. Most guys in this world are GOOD GUYS and most guys have a girlfriend or wife.

But did you notice Paul called you twice today, and you dodged both rings? They lack the hard-to-get appeal and are always there, wrapped around a woman's finger.

They can not understand why so many good and pretty girls fall into those bad guys’ hands while there are a lot of other much better reputed guys around.

And worse than that, it often seems that it is the girls who chase those jerks instead of the opposite.

When you see a nice guy getting rejected by a woman, it is almost always because he lacks confidence and masculinity. You need to focus on becoming an even stronger man (mentally and emotionally) than you already are right now.

Being a shy, nervous, self-doubting nice guy is not the answer to short or long term success with women.