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As a woman and feminist in a long term non-marriage partnership Julia Gillard has taken a strong public stance against the idea that the legitimacy of a union rests on the ability to put a ring on it.

It's a politically interesting and sophisticated response, so why does it fall on deaf ears, asks Jessica Kean.

I honestly can't even think of the equivalent for a male athlete. Now, there’s a new pressure on women athletes: You have to look pretty when we can’t even see you.

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Now, two years later, that story and much more will be revealed with the book release on November 22.

To get us ready, the author answered a few questions for BHT about her meticulous research and “the world’s most powerful workingwoman.” Julia Baird: It’s funny how, 115 years after Victoria’s death, the fascination with her intimate relationship with a servant endures.

Julia Gillard was asked to justify her opposition to same-sex marriage on Monday, and again last night, but her answers fell on deaf ears.

A politically interesting and sophisticated response, it was nonetheless largely reported as 'fumbled', 'disingenuous' and 'confused' and it is time to think about why.