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The media’s obsession with the unlikely couple reached even greater intensity when the pair got married.

The nuptial was held in Washington state at the tony Columbia Winery, and the happy couple had all the expenses paid for.

Remember that hot, slightly stern, twenty-something male teacher you fell in love with when hormones reared their ugly head and scented gel pens were a thing? And that reason was that you were being really obvious and he didn’t want to lose his job.

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You’re sitting there on raked seating in the front couple of rows with the girls are looking down at the back of your head, until she introduces you and you turn around to wave.

In a quick chat with , Kheny says she has always loved the thought of "giving young people the best start in life" and that's why she took up education.

"I can't think of any job as important to society as teaching," she says.

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