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“Nothing romantic ever happened between them but it didn’t make Kristen feel any better about them being so close. She was going through a split and she and Robert made one another laugh.” My guess is that Emilie is going to be returning the favor now. She’s got to be lonely and bitter knowing she probably just drove Rob into Emilie’s arms if he wasn’t there already. Rob’s whole life is completely upside down all because of Kristen’s selfishness and jealousy. Tom Sturridge and Sienna Miller will keep Rob’s back. Can you see Rob hooking up with Emilie or do you think he’s just too heartbroken?

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The Twilight Saga: New Moon is a hit, but fans seem to be almost as obsessed with news about whether stars Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen), 23, and Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan), 19, are a couple in real life.

That’s why; she has been visiting places, making future plans and spending most of the weekends with Eric.

Previously, the Australian actress was married to actor Josh Janowich.

Apparently Kristen Stewart couldn’t handle the fact that the former co-stars have continued being buddy buddy so she acted out and ruined her good thing with Rob out of pure jealousy. Rob and Emilie both denied their were stepping out behind Kristen’s back but Emilie made Kristen nervous regardless. The Mirror reports: Meanwhile sources close to American beauty Kristen claim she cheated on London-born hunk Robert, 26, because of jealousy over his friendship with ­another co-star.

Robert became close to Australian actress Emilie de Ravin, 30, while filming Remember Me in 2009.