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February 14 is the focal day for One Billion Rising activities.Domestic violence has been a huge topic in the media over the past year.

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Here's the painful truth: domestic violence is spreading, and destroying the lives of millions and millions of people. Over the course of a year, that equals more than 12 million women and men." It should also be kept in mind that these statistics are based upon survivors of abuse who were willing to share their stories. Many people remain silent victims, and their stories go untold.The girl addresses her boyfriend GIRL: I’m calling my girls. Enraged, the abuser addresses the girl ABUSER: Who d’you think you’re talking to like that? A third guy confronts the abuser GUY 3: What if someone treated your mother or sister like that? ANNOUNCER: Being a real man isn’t about controlling and abusing women. If you’re controlling or abusing your girlfriend — emotionally, physically or sexually — stop it. The abuser angrily reacts to their criticism ABUSER: Get out of my face! One of the guys responds to the abuser GUY 1: I’m making it my business. Many are deeply disturbing, and even depict actual violence.While most of these videos serve to raise awareness about domestic abuse and are created with good intentions, a growing number of them are older, have been recirculated, and don't always provide the best information for the public.