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After multiple strategies, including throwing rocks nearby to lure him in, the team was finally able to maneuver the beluga onto a stretcher and transport him safely to shore.Tonya Wimmers of the Marine Animal Response Society confirms that during the initial rescue process, the “animal didn’t get too stressed.” To ensure his well-being, the onsite vet accompanied the young whale on the airplane to give him doses of intravenous fluids.

This remarkable animal traveled by land, air and sea before rescuers finally freed him.

Relative to other whale species, they have long, distinct necks, which contribute to their flexibility and very diverse swimming movements.

Their bulbous forehead, called a "melon", is flexible and capable of changing shape.

Your conversations are organized into (going with the whale theme).

Each pod gets its own settings (an image, notifications, users) allowing you to customize each chat experience.