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The random time is to prevent network storms if a lot of Lync clients are being deployed at the same time.If you have had the Lync client running continuously at any time for more than 2 hours and this synchronization message is still displayed, there is likely an issue.

The original idea was borrowed from this Microsoft blog post, but since not all of the steps were covered there in sufficient detail, I am expanding them here, and adding two specific examples: how to segment GAL based on distribution lists membership, and how to segment GAL based on Office attribute.Scenario 1: Two Separate Entities in One Exchange Organization or Two Separate Departments in One Exchange Organization.Motive of the Scenario Organization A users should not be export to Organization B users.For commercial guys it was easy to integrate with control panel as everything can be created and managed using powershell.You need to Perform Some Check Lists before implementing Address Book Policies in your environment. Address book Policies will work only on Exchange 2010 Service Pack 3 or later severs. Exchange Servers should not be installed on (Global Catalog Servers)GC or (Domain Controllers) DC where it will break the Address book policies while viewing from Outlook Clients. Any Client Device or Client Software which can access Active Directory directly for Directory Access then ABP will fail to work For Example like hard coding Outlook to Domain controllers, Also old clients Entourage 2008, Outlook for Mac 2011 4.