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______________ ‘A Sunday Daily News article from March 27th, 1960 reports that Alma Malone was sentenced to twenty years in prison for her involvement in a botched bank robbery. Ansley” to the bank, wait for him while he completed the robbery, and then act as the getaway driver. ‘In 1970 the film won the Pasinetti Award for Best Foreign Film at the Venice Film Festival. I want to see the new ‘Independence Day’ because I want to see any disaster film. But Malone took a wrong turn, and by the time she arrived at the bank, the robbery had gone wrong. It tells the story of Wanda, an apathetic, docile woman who leaves her impoverished husband and children and casts herself adrift in the world. When she finds Dennis, she doesn’t realize he’s just robbed a bar. He yells at her for forgetting he doesn’t want onions on his burger. I’ve never paid all that much attention to her work. There aren’t that many of us who do, but those who don’t are … I have no scruples when it comes to disaster films.

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