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” Thanks to Marco from English Pod for bringing this interesting cultural difference to my attention!This note was the first thing I saw in my inbox the other day: “One day, your son will look at you totally differently.Also, the term “pastime” implies something that Americans DO in their spare time.Though many graying adults these days can remember the days when the boys in the neighborhood would gather to play pickup baseball all day, when is the last time you saw that in America? Lastly, what do people spend time thinking about, obsessing over, filling their lives with? In a 12-month period of 2014–2015, 31.21 Million Americans (nearly 10%) had purchased clothing with an NFL team logo. Cam Shepherd just wrapped up his freshman year, but the Duluth native is quickly becoming one of the most decorated players on the Georgia baseball team.The handwritten entry was discovered in the diary of lawyer William Bray and documents a game with friends on Easter Monday of that year when he was still a teenager. Julian Pooley, the manager of Surrey History Centre, was able to verify that the document was genuine because he is an expert on Bray and is responsible for a vast array of diaries written by the solicitor and local historian between 17.

I am pretty liberal, but the sheer number of Korean girls going after white guys is embarrassing. Note, 5.20.16 — My anonymous correspondent also sent me a cartoon, which I thought he himself had drawn given that it was so consistent with the tone and content of his note, but I have since been informed the cartoon is actually the work of someone else.On my , one of the first comments approved was about how “the very author of this piece, Kristi Yamaguchi and Michelle Kwan all have white husbands.” (As thrilling as it is to be included in any triumvirate that includes Kristi and Michelle, my marriage to a white-presenting person has It’s weird, because I had a tweet that went pretty far, and I only got some mild, half-hearted trolling. I almost never have harassers that actually make it to my Twitter account, though I do know my I’m not surprised about the white supremacist response you’ve gotten.Other images display different teams and players such as Babe Herman a right fielder for the Brooklyn Dodgers long before they became the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1958.Recently I participated in the #whitewashed OUT hashtag, as many of us did, and this was the [incredibly mild!] tweet of mine that got the most traction: Then there were the actual white supremacists — the vast majority of them passionate Trump supporters, according to their Twitter profiles — calling me slurs, referring to my kids in hateful language, saying “that’s what you get for race-mixing,” etc. piece for the Toast, we deleted several comments along the lines of “You married into it” (never mind that the racist remark at that dinner party was not made by one of my in-laws) and lectures about how terrible Asian women are for dating/marrying out.