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If you insult or complain to her, you’ll provoke a defensive reaction and she will resist you.

Instead, you should always sound calm and collected, like you’re talking about the weather.

It differs from previous frameworks in that it broadens the performance information collected and reported by entities, and introduced the requirement for entities to publish corporate plans at the beginning of each reporting period.

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Once you go, ‘All right, there’s a lot of upsides there’ and you have folks like the folks in Mountain View, [California,] a few different companies working hard on this problem, this thing is going to happen.

Our staff add value to public sector effectiveness and the independent assurance of public sector administration and accountability, applying our professional and technical leadership to have a real impact on real issues. Performance reporting frameworks have been in place in the Australian public sector for several decades, to enable the measurement and assessment of the impact of government programs.

The current performance measurement and reporting requirements for Commonwealth entities are established under the These are supported by the enhanced Commonwealth performance framework, which took effect on 1 July 2015. The framework aims to provide financial and non-financial information to the Parliament and the public, and improve the line of sight between the use of public resources and the results achieved by government entities.

If you’re worried about her getting fat, make an innocuous comment about how she’s getting “hefty” or “big.” Nothing she does can ever be good enough for you.

When you’re chastising her, it’s paramount that you sound angry or whiny.