Dating a rape victim

We both grew up in the United States but we've lived in Mongolia for the past 8-9 years.The therapists and psychiatrists here are mediocre at best and she's not comfortable with them at all.Law enforcement in Mongolia is honestly horrible and he never faced any consequences and I wanted to show him how it felt to be helpless by beating him within an inch of his life.I felt so angry at him because my girlfriend told me how helpless she felt hoping that somebody, anybody would hear her cries for help and come."She was dressed like a slut," "She is very promiscuous," and many many more excuses for rape crimes take the blame off the perpetrator and place it on the victim. It is a crime like any other where something is taken without consent.At one point, I too thought that rape was a sexually-motivated crime. If a man walks into a bank with a gun, he uses the gun as a weapon to procure money from the bank. A rapist overpowers the victim by using sex as a weapon, much like a gunman scares bank tellers into submission by waving around a firearm.

We've been together for about two months and everything has progressed rather quickly, but we're pretty chill with that.

When it happened to me I was young, cute and totally disinterested in the "friends" who raped me. A rapist is similar to a bully in the schoolyard picking on smaller kids so he can feel "bigger." It is possible that the friends who raped me did it because they knew I would never sleep with them in a million years willingly. Maybe they wanted to have sex with me but they knew that I wouldn't, and out of anger and resentment decided that they were going to have sex with me with or without my permission.

I thought that maybe they had wanted me bad and knew they couldn't have me so they resorted to rape as it was the only way to "get" me. That night, they put something in my drink so they could do it without fear of me remembering or finding out (or so they thought...).

He has posted a 0,000 bail and pleaded not guilty.

Banks could spend 36 years to life in prison if convicted. “After further follow-up in the investigation, the La Mesa Police Department is concerned there may have been more cases (involving) other women,” Lt. He believes additional victims could live outside of La Mesa.