Error validating location cannot access cvsroot

Eclipse has now shared the project with the CVS repository.

When you are browsing in the CVS Repositories view, you may expect to see branch and version tags which you have previously created.

One of Tuleap main benefits is to enable code sharing and re-usability in a corporation.

The goal is to provide visibility of your project and code in the whole community of users.

Then a technician solved this problem, don't know what he did, but maybe he changed the CVSROOT variable, and perhaps that's why I am getting this error in Eclipse?

error validating location cannot access cvsroot-23

Its name is “/cvsroot/projectname” I insist on this point because most of the time in many organizations there is one single CVS repository where all projects are stored.

In CVS, such tags are stored on individual files rather than on projects or folders.

Rather than scan every file in the repository, Eclipse only scans one well-known file, .project, which should exist in every Eclipse project.

Some modules are not expandable because their definition is complex and difficult to parse on the client.

These modules can still be checked out properly using the Check Out menu item from the module's context menu.