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We hypothesized that males would be portrayed more often, but that females would be portrayed in a more hyper-sexualized manner.

Male characters were almost four times more frequently portrayed than female characters and were given significantly more game relevant action.

And she gives a really illuminating 101 on all things trans, including both how her personal experience is different as a woman, on the one hand, and some of the ins and outs of how the physical transformation occurs. All they do is adjust the hormone levels in your body to match those of the sex you’re transitioning to. It gets softer, any remaining acne from adolescence disappears.

You can skip the back and forth with commenters and focus on her comments by clicking on her name, isleepinahammock. The different set of genitals have the same kinds of tissue, just in a different configuration. People really don’t realize how much of their bodies and feelings are dependent on their hormonal balance. Body hair thins and becomes thin and clear.*Your entire musculature changes.