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The map area in light green, the Iberian area, is the Catalonia of antiquity while the dark-green area is the homeland of the Basques. If we look at a map of Europe of the sixth century BCE (Figure 2), we can see how Spain fits into the overall picture of Europe in the early first millennium BCE.

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He said the approach “helped society be more open to the expression of love between men.”The rabbi understood that giving such a lecture — and having it recorded — left him vulnerable to criticism, or even worse, anger, from anyone with differing views on the topic.

Sephardic Jewish life, since the Golden Age of Spain, has been soaked in compassion, empathy and warmth.

The Sephardic Jewish community, defined in the broadest sense, includes almost anyone Jewish who isn’t Eastern European.

Knowing this, and speaking to a large Jewish audience in the London suburb of Hendon, Rabbi Dweck stated, “There is love in the room.

I am banking on the fact that there is love in the room.” Some Orthodox critics consider Rabbi Dweck’s lecture heresy, while others called him dangerous, poisonous, and even corrupt.