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It also keeps track of your computer's license(s) if you are using Windows XP.

As said by others, this process is responsible for managing user logon and logoff, both in Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

A recent update to the suite even adds a ransomware-protection feature.

The file is located in %Program Files%\Elite Unzip_aa\bar\*- where * represents a number or letter. The file is located in %Program Files%\History Boss_9k\bar\*- where * represents a number or letter. If bundled with another installer or not installed by choice then remove it My Scrap Nook toolbar - powered by the Ask Partner Network toolbars by IAC Applications (was Mindspark). Mc Afee Stinger now detects and removes Game Over Zeus and Crypto Locker. Q: I know I have a virus, but Stinger did not detect one. A: Stinger is not a substitute for a full anti-virus scanner. A: This is most likely due to Windows System Restore functionality having a lock on the infected file.It is only designed to detect and remove specific threats. Windows/XP/Vista/7 users should disable system restore prior to scanning.Q: Where is the scan log saved and how can I view them?A: By default the log file is saved from where is run.