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It wasn't until 2015 that the ongoing gas leaks become public knowledge and they are now a major cause for concern.

Read Prediction16th December 2012 Militarisation of Police Vine's psychic prediction about military intelligence and training of Western police forces to act brutally against their own civilians continues to come true in 2017, particularly in the United States.

The columns that we receive and a description is shown below: EMail (SMTP formatted address) Informal Name (If First Name is different than the name used commonly) First Name (Legal first name) Lastname (Last name) Branch Code (Each branch is assigned a code in our example) Branch Legal Name (Branch description) Address Line1 (Address information) Address Line2 (Address information if needed) Address City (City name) Address State (State or province) Address Zip (ZIP or Postal Code) Address Country (Country in ISO code format) Job Title (Job title) Phone Country Code (If exists for non-North American numbers) Phone Area Code (Area code) Phone Number (Phone number in ###-#### format) Phone Extension Or Speed Dial (Extension or speed dial number if it exists) That’s a lot of information and because it comes from an external system, the fields don’t match up one-to-one with the native Microsoft Exchange fields which are associated with a mail contact. Here is the logic of how I built the script that is used: I’ve used the Write-Host Cmd Let to output to screen so that we can troubleshoot and monitor the process during the initial tests.

Another important feature we use for testing is the -What If parameter.

This is a saving grace as we can easily manage the content easily using the column header inside a For Each loop.

I’ve had a very specific requirement to add a list of external contacts into an internal Microsoft Exchange environment.

The goal of this is to integrate an external company’s list of contacts and some key information into the Global Address List with an identifier on each record showing the company name as part of the display name.

- the 100-year-old Indian runner was in the news recently after she picked up a gold medal in the 100-metre race at the Americas Masters Games in Vancouver, Canada.

Hailing from Chandigarh she completed the race in a minute and a half to claim the gold medal -- she was the only female competitor in her age category at the competition for senior athletes.

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