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New visitors should “feel” out the room to verify that this is the atmosphere for them. Don’t try to talk people into spankings or private talks. However, since in real life, no really means no people often misinterpret its use in the scene. The chat rooms here are designed to be pleasurable to both tops and bottoms.The site is more conservative than most spanking sites, but it is conducted in a style most comfortable for Ms. When in doubt it is better to err on the side of caution. Relentless bratting is not only rude to the scene payers but will only serve to make you appear obnoxious and rude. If you hear, “It’s all about sex and eroticism,” just know that not everybody agrees with that, especially traditional spankers. Do not laugh or otherwise comment on other people’s fantasy or their own comfort levels. Each person comes to spanking with his or her own individual needs.“I hear people who talk about how awful spanking is,” says Ms. “Their kids are usually maniacs.” In a recent Harris poll, nearly 70% of respondents said they think young adults and children don’t have as much discipline as they need.Meanwhile, with communities everywhere struggling to explain school shootings and other, teen crime, many are blaming lax parental control. This refers to someone who uses such come on lines like: “Any bad girls/boys out there need a spanking? Do not use this just to get out of a spanking with Ms. Margaret is scheduled, as well as anytime you are in the room, please do not be a HNG (Horny Net Geek).

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W1 AT 2-1/2 YEARS OLD, Mairin Dugan is starting to get the upper hand in her household-but not the kind of upper hand she had in mind. “I know some people think it’s awful,” says Mairin’s mom, Carla Dugan, an East Haven, Conn., homemaker. ” More than five decades after Dr Spock sent corporal punishment to the woodshed, spanking is making a comeback.The story mentions no safety precautions whatsoever, and because the story states that the people she was visiting did NOT know whom she was with, it is easy to assume that no one knew. She chose not to include this sort of hard, "logistical" detail in what she had intended to be a very deep and emotional piece.Nevertheless, she now recognizes that while "emotional," it is also presented as a factual retelling of how she did obtain a first, real-life spanking, and in real life, certain precautions must be taken.Just last year, both Oklahoma and Nevada passed laws explicitly giving parents the right to spank their children.Even House Minority Leader Richard Gephardt last year admitted that he has spanked his three kids, noting that his mother disciplined him with a switch–and he turned out fine. Other meth ods simply don’t work, frustrated parents say.