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The show’s second season promises more of the same: glamour, sex and soul-searching … FILE - A woman fills in her ballots in presidential and parliamentary elections at a polling station in Accra, Ghana, Dec. Women have made great strides in the political field in Ghana, though inequality still is considered by many to be widespread.Women have protested in Koforidua in the eastern region, and on social media under the hashtag #Iam Charlotte Osei. "I have a thick skin so can let it ride,” she said. One of them actually had the nerve to tell me that I am a woman [so] I should be serving them dinner.Another person also [asked if I thought] I was in the kitchen. All statements reflect the state of mind that many of the male MPs have about the women: Your place is in the kitchen." Owusu-Ekuful says she sent a complaint to the speaker of parliament about one kitchen comment in 2015, but nothing came of it.Women may hold some of the highest positions in Ghana — including attorney general and foreign affairs minister — but that doesn’t mean the country doesn’t have a gender-equality problem.

He further added that this could result in psychological problems for men.“They should make sure all their documents are intact to prevent frustrations,” the disturbed Ghanaian player advised.A Malaysian law maker said that wife denying sex to husbands is a psychological and emotional abuse.Fans love it for the fashion, the fun and its fresh perspective on African life – and the show’s first season racked up more than two million views online.“There is a certain group of Ghanaian women who are now seeing themselves reflected on TV: Young, modern, working,” says Maame Adjei, who plays Zainab, one of the five main characters.