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The variability of tropical African continental climate is documented over the past 25 kyr in lake and ocean sediment cores, as is the orbital forcing of North African climate (23).

In 2005, we drilled a series of continuous cores in Lake Malawi, which provides a high-resolution sampling of southeast African climate over the past ≈1 million years.

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However, this forcing is moderated at times by tropical sea-surface temperatures (SSTs), which may be linked to high-latitude climate processes (21, 22).This transition to wetter, more stable conditions coincides with diminished orbital eccentricity, and a reduction in precession-dominated climatic extremes.Lacustrine deposits provide long, continuous records of terrestrial climate change, and tropical lakes, because they are commonly perennially stratified with anoxic bottom waters, may preserve finely laminated, high-resolution records.And it was just made better with the smell of the rain and the flickering lights in the puddles as you walk through them. I suppose the drinks I had with Mange acted as liquid courage. I sat down - ignoring that the rain has soaked the ground - and tilted my head with concern in my face.