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I guess mother never considered that they could be doing more than teaching, if you know what I mean. Besides that, there really isn't any difference between them and a girl that works the register at the grocery store.Except the stripper might be a bit hotter and probably has way more baggage. Man A: We were set up by close mutual friends of ours and we were together for close to eight months.When I met her, she had previously been a cam model for a while, and then she started dancing after we were together for a few months. One night about a month into dating, she asked — I thought hypothetically — how I'd react if she were a stripper.I think there was a look in her eye, or perhaps the cagey response, but something in her behavior planted the seed in my mind that that might have been what she was trying to tell me.I knew that she had some "waitress" job on Thursday and Friday nights, that it was "swanky," and that I wasn't really welcome to come visit while she was working.Man A: I didn't know she was a stripper when we got together but I found out about two weeks after when she decided to be honest with me. I believe I responded that I wouldn't care too much.

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Does it really matter as long as that person is working a legal gig?

Everybody could use a little love and happiness regardless of what their profession is, and that includes strippers.

Except the stripper might be a bit hotter and probably has way more baggage. Most, I say most strippers were molested or abused as a child.

Along with emotional problems,drug problems that goes along with it, and usually a kid. If your girl has been doing it for any length of time, she is doing guys on the side or in the back room of the club for extra money, thats what they do. Most girls have several guys she goes with, till they catch on. They are in it for the bucks, yours as long as you go along.