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Where the songs stive to immerse the listener in the worlds of physics and biology (for instance on the song “Virus”) the apps take the experience into the visual realm with in-depth, informative “games.” Bjork hopes that fans and children alike will use the Biophilia apps to discover some of the elements and processes that make up our universe and govern our existence.

Read on for our fascinating discussion with this diminutive star, herself a force of nature.

Streetdate: Der international renommierte Saxofonist Rain Sultanov vertont auf Inspired by Nature - Seven Sounds of Azerbaidjan sieben Landschaften seiner Heimat.

Auf einer Exkursion durch das Land sammelte er Klnge und Eindrcke, die er in meisterhafte Kompositionen zwischen Jazz und Weltmusik einflieen lsst.


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Her albums set a high creative bar that is the result of an intense work ethic and rigorous artistic standards.

Her latest project is titled Biophilia and it is perhaps her most ambitious work to date.