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Action Script is based on ECMAScript, and supports object-oriented code, and is similar to Java Script.

Flash Player has a wide user base, and is a common format for games, animations, and graphical user interfaces (GUIs) embedded in web pages.

comment faire pour continuer a jouer a certains jeux flash (le jeu est sur facebook on est beaucoup a y jouer c'est "pet society" merci davance!! Contre Version d'Adobe Flash Player sur ordinateur a l'heure d'aujourd'hui 26/05/2009 ^^ La wii n'est pas un ordinateur et on ne peux installer des logiciel ou autre dessus.

System updates are dangerous to a Wii console with homebrew installed onto it, as updates can "brick" the system.

But some game disks contain a system update and won't let you play the game until your Wii is updated. Answer: The simplest thing to do is to use Start Patch, if your Wii is running System Menu 4 or higher, or Star Fall if you're running System Menu 3.2.

All native Wii software (including games distributed on Nintendo optical discs, the System Menu itself, Virtual Console games, Wii Ware, and Wii Channels), with the exception of certain homebrew applications, have the IOS version hardcoded into the software.

is freeware software for using content created on the Adobe Flash platform, including viewing multimedia, executing rich Internet applications, and streaming video and audio.