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While dating men with children, I didn’t take into account certain things thoroughly discussed in the chapters of the book.For instance, I wasn’t used to being someone’s second priority and having to schedule dates around a custodial calendar.Equestrian Official Site The original Equestrian Singles, established in 2001.Critically acclaimed as the best website for horse enthusiasts.Question for both men and meet someone and you guys hit it off, then he/she tells you they have a kid or kids...that an instant turn off or red flag for you?would you continue seeing them knowing that you're not really interested in becoming a pseudo parent figure to their offspring? Be sure YOU know the latest dating dos and don'ts.Back in the day — before women became more independent (thanks, women's rights movement! For the most part, dating was easier: A man courted a woman and both of them knew the end goal if courtship went well: marriage.

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Now, that I’m on the other side of the fence and co-parenting the most terrific toddler you’ll ever meet, I want my experiences to positively impact singles dating someone with children.

I like kids, I want to have kids, I'd even be willing to adopt. I have an awesome (step) Mom because she was willing to date someone with three kids.

But if I was dating someone, I wouldn't want to be in any position of parent drama. If I could be half the parent she's been to me, I'd be doing good.

I “met” Deesha Phillywaw through her book Co-parenting 101: Helping Your Kids Thrive in Two Households After Divorce.

I wish I read her work before I became a co-parent.