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[Intro] Wake up Black man, black man Just wanna be free Wake up, wake up Black man, black man [Hook 1: Kent Jamz] Niggas wanna send pounds out to Chicago Wake up, wake up, black man, black man What about that gold layin' in the congo?Wake up, wake up, black man, black man Shot my brother in the ghetto Wake up, wake up, black man, black man Think it's time for me to let go Wake up, wake up, black man, black man [Refrain 1: Kent Jamz] I think it's time for us to click up Tell Obama I'm with a million Crips and Bloods I think it's time for us to click up Tell Michelle I got a million ghetto girls [Verse 1: Oktane] Everything's crazy, everybody's lazy You can't keep a promise to yourself, you don't give a shit about me But they'll empty a clip about me I hope it never has to come to that, they talk stupid then run it back I heard you haters tried to say we fallin' off You don't know the difference I was fallin' back Get your brain right, keep it all intact Yeah we stayin' ready in case they all attack How you gon' do that?Kent is the author of two books: The Dark Stuff, a collection of his journalism and Apathy for the Devil: A 1970's Memoir which is an autobiographical account of his life and experiences in the 1970s, published in March 2010.In the mid-70s, Kent played guitar with an early incarnation of the Sex Pistols, and rehearsed with the band London SS, some of whose members would go on to form British punk bands The Damned and The Clash.#Flirt, #network, make #new friends or maybe find #romance at the #Free #Single n #Mingle night in the #heart of #Shoreham.The Crown & Anchor pub plays host on 16 August (8.30pm-late). Right // 0790.3552.007 Romance will be well and truly in the air at the chic yet cosy Garden Bar (324 Portland Road) in Hove on Saturday 9 September when Speed Dating makes at the Mock Tudor pub.Speed Dating, aimed at 20s & 30s age group, takes place on Saturday 12 August at The Garden Bar in Hove.

His prose is laced with images of self-destruction and compassion, exploring the reality of being an artist in the late twentieth century.

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Lolcows are people and groups whose eccentric or foolish behavior can be "milked" for amusement and laughs.

They are not countries, political figures, celebrities, your highschool bully, or some random You Tuber who doesn't involve himself in drama.