Joomla content not updating

There are 2 websites (English and Chinese), which we will need to update both website with new contents. The website link - I will provide when clarifying with us. Finally, Jen emphasizes the importance of backing up your Joomla!site, and explains how to create and store those backups.Discover how to create and organize content, add menus and sidebars, change the look of the site with templates, control who creates and edits content, and much more.The course also shows you how to evaluate the quality of extensions, plugins, and templates and how to download and install them.

The most common symptom of this problem is new posts not appearing on the homepage of your Word Press site.

Before we explain the solution, it’s important to understand what causes the problem first. To resolve this issue, you need to simply hit CTRL F5 (or Cmd R in Mac) buttons on your keyboard to reload the page.

The second and most likely cause of this issue is poorly configured Word Press caching plugin.

This tutorial explains how to find out what kind of content is actually causing this.

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Joomla content not updating