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“You can have the rent, but what are you gonna eat?

And you have to remember that when you have food the first thing you think about is the kids, not you. The others boys were 14 and 15.” Sisana’s major break came late last year when a friend called her and told her she’d met “some guy from the UK who’s looking for an African artist” and arranged for them to meet.

As a young student there she experienced xenophobic-fuelled bullying from her schoolmates. And because of our accents you could hear that it’s Siswati but it’s Zulu-ish,” she laughs.

A man who was set on fire crashes through a beach party and dies on the sand.

The probe reveals the victim was involved in stealing gasoline from high-end vehicles and that he may have stumbled onto a much bigger crime taking place.

She came back to South Africa after high school and lived with her grandma and her five younger siblings. She recalls attentively watching Medical Detectives and dreaming of one day helping others heal.

Looking back, she attributes this fascination to an interest in the show’s background music.