Hagstrom serial number dating

Original and mint condition will catch the highest values for your instruments.If the guitar has been altered, it can depreciate the value of the guitar tremendously.Can anybody out there decipher my Hagstrom Swede Goldtop's serial #?It is not an original vintage from the 70s-80s, but a reissue from China. Ebony fingerboard f) Red felt under the pots and 2-way trussrod If you bought yours in the mid-seventies, it is probabaly one of the good ones. It is a really nice Les Paul style guitar that was made just as well as the 70's Gibsons.Congratulations Dave Ottawa, Canada I have a Hagstrom Swede guitar that I woul like to date. Check out the official Hagström site at also have a book you can order "the fastest playing neck in the world" with lots of interesting facts about the guitars, serial numbers and so on.. just bought a hagstrom today that says it is an ultr swede ..

During the late 1950s, the company started making electric guitars and later amplifiers.

If you are having trouble finding the date of the guitar you are researching, try emailing the manufacturer and see if they can help date the instrument.

I have a Hagstrom Swede guitar that I woul like to date. Hi, I have a Swede from the same time which is a 72-73. If you see a blue, yellow or other non-conservative colour, it is a later swede c)Floating string saddle bridge (you could adjust saddles back and forth and sideways on the bridge.

no idea where I read this - might be wrong in the details.......

If you tell me a number I can give you a year Sorry got not information on the numbering scheme of current Hagstroms each number has a three digit batch number from 449 (1958-59) up to 999 (1977) and then starting at 001 again, followed by another 3 digits which number the instruments within the batch so 670056 will be the 56th instrument from batch 670 Hi I have an old Hagstrom 6 string H45 or J45 accoustic (not sure which - sorry this is on a bass guitar forum - but its the only one I found where anyone asked a question about s/n and age) that I bought secondhand in 1969 in London, s/n 57563.