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They are churches of various denominations, but with one common denominator - a strong will and desire to preserve what earlier generations created out of their own faith.You can find them in a small congregation and band of preservationists in Belleville who helped raise funds to fix a steeple left twisted and damaged by Superstorm Sandy.

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Jeff Mc Inturf, owner of adjacent Apple Crate Antiques, purchased the Albert Building with hopes of restoring the structure, but soon discovered there was only one option.

Cast your eye on almost any city landscape in northern New Jersey and chances are you'll see a church steeple pointing skyward. People grow older, the next generation moves away and buildings get left behind.

Often they are the tallest, oldest and most beautiful structures in any given town and a focal point of a community's pride and faith. At times, however, there are people who do what they can to try to save these houses of worship, some of which date to before the American Revolution.

They are evident in one of the oldest churches in Bergen County, where a Korean-American congregation has moved in.

Here then are four steeple stories - tales of faith and architecture.