Nstextfield setstringvalue not updating properly dating table six

From googling, I think some people have this problem when they use init instead of awakefromnib but this method in my programme is triggered when I press a button. First of all you need a connection from your sourcefile to the object in the XIB file.

How can I force a label to refresh after I change it's value? As the main app is doing something I pop up the progress window and I want to update the values of the label and the progress bar as the loop executes.

I created a new NSWindow and XIB file that has outlets to the label and the progressbar and I'm loading it with this: I can't get the label to actually refresh in the new window.

I have searched here and google and can't seem to find anything to tell me how to do this in a different window, only that if it's in the main window that it will just refresh (as has always been my experience anyway).

You can also modify the contents through the collection controller using the methods described in If changes made to a model value programmatically are not being reflected in the user interface, this typically indicates that the model object is not key-value-observing compliant for the property, or that you are modifying the value in a manner that is bypassing key-value observing.

You should ensure that: A common source of problems when using bindings is that a binding is established to the wrong key path.