C validating xml dtd

DITA 1.3 (Key Scopes, Branch Filtering)This video presents two new features of DITA 1.3 (key scopes and branch filtering) that allow you to maximize the reuse possibilities for keys in topics and reuse the content of topics multiple times within the same map, each time using a different filter.

Using the Highlight Tool In this video demonstration you will see how you can use the Highlight tool to mark fragments of text in a document you are editing.

DTDs use a formal grammar to describe the structure and syntax of compliant XML documents; they specify content and values allowed for the XML document.

I could not find a way for xml to be validated against an external DTD document.

In my case, I'm receiving XML from a tcp/ip socket and I want to validate this against a DTD file.

The above example shows how you can combine a DTD and some XML together in the same stream before using the the Xml Reader object to do the DTD validation.