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One of Britain’s most successful and famously fertile marriages falls squarely in the middle of this age range.The Queen, 81, is four years and ten months younger than the Duke of Edinburgh, and they have four children – more than double the British average.Both men and women have more children when the father is a few years older than the mother, according to research suggesting that natural selection has driven each gender’s age preferences in mutually compatible ways.

For example, a common misconception is that organisms can adapt to new conditions in their lifetimes and pass these adaptations on to their offspring.

The actor by the name of Ryan Munzert deserves a lot more credit then he got on the list of actors, as his name is at the bottom, when he out acted anyone of the popular actors or what was supposed to be the main actors. Id give the over all theme a 5 and the acting about a 6.7 overall, with Munzert more than pulling his part, out, at a 7.8.

He really does play an antagonist well, but I could see him being the protagonist and showing him as being passionate in that role, as well. I don't know why the whole "Jesus thing", was thrown in at the end, really ruined it for me..reason for the title and the tract of the theme was not a religious argument, though some one wanted to make sure they made a point that did not fit, here?

Tango’s Take Any person who has ever visited a nightclub is familiar with this phenomenon.

Older guys, often wearing ostrich boots and fresh off of a divorce, like to prowl for younger gals. When they were young guys on the town, the older dudes threw around a little cash and drove Corvettes and landed all the ‘tail.’ We wonder if this has anything to do with women maturing earlier than men do.