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The key to surviving the dating years from the other side is to be prepared with information about teen dating and having a plan for how you will handle various dating situations.

Consider these common questions about tween and teen romance: In the traditional sense, yes.

We find ourselves with more options and accolades than we know what to do with.

Someone smart once said that you have to date a whole lot of Volkswagens before you get to your Porsche, and while this good, bad and ugly is a process we aren’t entirely enthusiastic about, dating those Volkswagens of boyfriends is a journey enjoyed by most, albeit retrospectively.

As time moves on though, some of our inclinations in terms of dating have become freakishly outdated.

It doesn’t sound like you made any kind of concrete plans. You can go out with him and give him a chance, but I would invest absolutely nothing in the date.

His actions communicate to me that he’s flaky and not terribly serious about meeting someone.