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This site uses cookies to provide you with a more responsive and personalised service.By using this site you agree to our use of cookies.An entity may own share warrants, share call options, debt or equity instruments that are convertible into ordinary shares, or other similar instruments that have the potential, if exercised or converted, to give the entity voting power or reduce another party’s voting power over the financial and operating policies of another entity (potential voting rights).

In assessing whether potential voting rights contribute to control, the entity examines all facts and circumstances (including the terms of exercise of the potential voting rights and any other contractual arrangements whether considered individually or in combination) that affect potential voting rights, except the intention of management and the financial ability to exercise or convert such rights.Company A can report its financial results in a parent company statement or in a consolidated statement. If it chooses to report the financial results in a parent company statement, the operating income statement will center on just company A's operating results.The revenues and operating income will reflect only company A's operations.This Standard shall also be applied in accounting for investments in subsidiaries, jointly controlled entities and associates when an entity elects, or is required by local regulations, to present separate financial statements.A parent, other than a parent described on the next paragraph, shall present consolidated financial statements in which it consolidates its investments in subsidiaries in accordance with this Standard.