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» The cameras are presented here in a shortened version, and if you want the full version with all cameras in Bulgaria, click here.

» If you know an interesting camera of Bulgaria, which is not included in the page or notice inaccurate (incomplete) to name a street, avenue, square, building or area (area), please contact e-mail: Web Cam on the other THANK YOU, that allow you to see, know and to enjoy the different corners of our country.

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if this was combined endpoint would it still be as bad VIIa to reverse coagulopathy in pts going to surgery (Neurosurg 2003;) Best Review article of oral anticoag assoc ICH (Stroke 2006;6) Hematoma expansion occurs in ~40% of pts in early hours following onset Vitamin K It takes at least 2 to 6 hours, and often more than 24 hours,to achieve an effective response to vitamin K administration, although vitamin K alone is often inadequate to completely normalizethe international normalized ratio in that time frame.

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