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More than 170 internet giants including Netflix, Amazon, Facebook, Google and Porn Hub, are protesting today against plans by US officials to remove rules protecting 'net neutrality'.The sites are displaying messages warning users of the risks of losing net neutrality - the basic principle that all internet traffic should be treated equally.After being reinstated in April, Porn Hub uploaded a documentary criticising Russian officials after the film's creator, anti-corruption blogger Alexei Navalny, causing uproar in the Russian government.

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The US communications regulator earlier this year voted to remove a 2015 rule that prevented this 'throttling' of data by ISPs.

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If net neutrality is lost, US internet service providers (ISPs) like AT&T and Verizon could create special 'fast lanes' for content providers willing to pay more.

Customers of streaming services like Netflix could see their subscription fees rise if the company chooses to pay more.